A Writer’s Stationery Essentials with Nikita Deshpande

We spoke to author, screenwriter and journaling expert Nikita Deshpande about her favourite stationery memories.

Q. What was your favourite piece of stationery when you were growing up?

A. My favourite piece of stationery growing up was an A6 pocket notebook with roses on the cover gifted by my father. I still have this notebook at my parent’s house and it is very precious to me because it’s a reminder of how I started out quite early as a writer.  The second piece of stationery I adored as a child was stackable pencils with coloured lids which were often gifted to me by my uncle.

Q. What is a piece of stationery you’ve always wanted but never managed to get / buy?

A. I’ve always wanted to buy a canvas roll-up case for my pens and pencils but have never managed to justify the purchase because I already have a pencil case I am using at the moment, and don’t want to betray the environment by indulging in wasteful purchases.  

Q. What is the one stationery object that you can’t live without today, and why?

A. This would have to be a notebook and my Uni-ball Click Pen. I could use other pens but this particular pen puts me in the optimal writing space and that is essential to me.

Stationery Resources

1. A6 Notebooks

BRUSTRO Notebook Classic Series Set of 5 A6 (Red, Yellow, Green, Rose, Blue)

2. Stackable Pencils

Jiada Set of 12 Unicorn Stacking Pencils – Birthday Return Gift/Party Favor

3. Canvas Roll-up Pencil Case

PATPAT® Canvas Handmade Knitting Pencil Roll Wrap Holder Pouch Case with 48 Slots

4. Uni-Ball Click Gel Pens

UNI-BALL Click Gel Pen Set – Pack of 6 (Multicolor)

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