Do you have a forgotten stash of crisp, blank notebooks and rarely feel guilty about it?


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Did you know graphite used to be smuggled to make pencils in the early days?

An expensive pigment called Mummy Brown was made from real Egyptian mummies!

Stationery is the quiet family member you think is nothing special, but actually has magical and mysterious tales to tell if you could only get them to talk. There are stories of elegant engineering and over-the-top marketing, incidents of serendipity and corporate wars. Stationery objects have survived wars and destruction, historical events and new technologies. Stationery has been the constant through the ages and the ever new kid on the block.

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It seems the culture that invented rubber also used it in a gory ballgame where you could either be killed by the heavy rubber ball or by being on the losing team.


Did you know that before making the kid-safe and colourful Crayola brand of crayons, the company produced the black pigment for car tyres?


In the ancient world a rivalry between libraries instigated a trade blockade which led to the invention of a new writing medium.

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