Collecting Erasers, Pencils and Stamps with Devanshi Sampat

We spoke to Chartered Accountant and Paper Flower Artist Devanshi Sampat about her favourite stationery memories.

Q. What was your favourite piece of stationery when you were growing up?

A. I think it’s really tough to pick one since I was in love with stationery since I was a kid but if I had to pick one it would definitely be erasers. I used to have this huge box of erasers filled with different shapes and sizes of erasers, and I still collect erasers. The second favourite stationery item that I loved as a kid was stamps. Stamps just pass through mail and get discarded, but I have always found the intricate designs and paintings very fascinating and maintain a comprehensive collection of all my stamps.

Q. What is a piece of stationery you’ve always wanted but never managed to get / buy?

A. It has to be the entire range of pan pastel colours. These are soft pastels in a pan and you can fix one on top of another to create your own palettes and they are also very handy while travelling.

Q. What is the one stationery object that you can’t live without today, and why?

A. I need to have a pencil with me at all times. Whether it’s to sketch, doodle or take notes. I have a huge collection of pencils and I intend to keep collecting more. However, only some are meant to be used, the rest are only meant for my collection!

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