Listicles – Top 5 List Cards


The Ultimate Top 5 List Cards Pack

Record and share your Top 5 favourite things, places and ideas with friends, followers and future-you.

The Listicle pack includes 10 topic-specific cards covering favourite foods, memories, hangouts, TV Shows, personal idols, books, songs, movies, travel destinations, games. Bonus – A My List card to make up your own list and Unlisted card to scribble free.

The Listicle pack can be used as a party game, a personal diary or anything in between. Pin the cards on boards, stick them on your walls, fix them in a scrapbook or journal, create art around them. Click a photo and share it online with friends and followers. Don’t forget to tag us @inkymemo and add the hashtag #inkymemo & #inkymemolisticles

The Listicle pack has 12 individual cards of 340 GSM paper (white matt and kraft paper)

Dimension of each card: 101 x 152  mm

Each order of this product includes a free Inky Memo bookmark and a sticker.

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