7 Stationery Quotes for Stationery Lovers

Stationery Quotes

Some of the greatest thinkers and creators of the world have been stationery lovers. We aren’t the only fans of sharpened pencils, glistening fountain pens and crisp notebooks, but it’s true that it is a love not often enough expressed in writing.

At Inky Memo, we love inspiring quotes because they spark new ideas. We’re always on the look out for good ones and share them often on our stationery newsletter. Since we don’t want you to wait, refreshing your inbox every minute, just to get some creative motivation, here are some favourites.

1. James Ward

James Ward is a London-based writer and is the founder of The Boring Conference. He is the author of Adventures in Stationery: A Journey Through Your Pencil Case, and the presenter of the BBC podcast The Boring Talks.

stationery quote james ward

“Without wishing to overstate it, stationery has created civilisation. Language is how we make sense of the world, and written language gives us an aggregated sense of knowledge. That only happens because of stationery.” – James Ward

2. David Rees

David Thomas Rees is a humorist and cultural critic. He first rose to prominence as a cartoonist, and later created an artisanal pencil sharpening service followed by a related book on the subject. 

stationery quote david rees

“Once you use a toothbrush to clean a pencil sharpener, you should no longer use it to clean your teeth.” – David Rees

3. Alan Jacobs

Alan Jacobs is a scholar of English literature and a literary critic. He is a distinguished professor of the humanities in the Baylor University. 

stationery quote alan jacobs

“When paper fails, memory; when memory fails, paper.” – Alan Jacobs

4. Austin Kleon

Austin Kleon is a New York Times best selling author and his works focus on creativity in today’s world.

stationery quote austin kleon

“The notebook is the place where you figure out what’s going on inside you or what’s rattling around. And then, the keyboard is the place that you go to tell people about it.” – Austin Kleon

5. Norbet Platt

Norbert Platt was President and Chief Executive Officer of Montblanc International. Under his leadership Montblanc developed from the market leader of luxury writing instruments into a diversified luxury brand.

stationery quote montblanc

“The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium.” – Norbet Platt 

6. David Sedaris

David Sedaris is an American humorist, comedian, author, and radio contributor. 

stationery quote david sedaris

“My advice to a young writer who wants to start a diary or keep one going is to not read what you wrote yesterday because it’s going to stink. Do it for a year before you go back. Just give yourself some distance.” – David Sedaris

7. Ana Reinert 

Ana Reinart is a self-professed lover of office supplies and the co-creator of the popular stationery blog ‘The Well-Appointed Desk.’

stationery quote ana reinart

“Notebooks are very much like cars. My perfect notebook is going to be very different, like my choice in car, from someone else whose needs or line of work requires different parameters. To recommend a single notebook for everyone would be to recommend a notebook to nobody.” – Ana Reinart

These esoteric, humorous and inspiring quotes on stationery resonate with us. Hope they spur you on as much as they do us. For more of this, sign-up for our monthly newsletter of stationery stories.

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